china telecom

China Telecom

is paving the future with their Information Silk Road. They have 13 independent terrestrial cables and 5 independent submarine cables that connect Europe with Asia. If you’re running big data operations or you need ultra-fast data transmission, they will help you extend your global presence. Their Global SLA guarantees and excellent after sales

service will help your business remain connected throughout any disaster.

VPN Solutions

Businesses using public networks are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattack. Cybercriminals have an ever-growing range of tools and techniques to hack into your data, and with more and more employees working in virtual offices or telecommuting, it’s highly likely that someone will be targeting to steal your data or access your systems right now. China Telecom’s VPN services bring you security and reliability – just like a digital private line leased circuit, but for a fraction of the cost. We use our CN2 network to give you connectivity throughout your organisation.

Their Global Wavelength Services provide top quality large bandwidth data transmission products up to 100Gbps through our Optical Transmission Network (OTN), the first and only optical network connecting China and major countries around the world

With China Telecom Europe’s Colocation Services you get:

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