china telecom

China Telecom

is paving the future with their Information Silk Road. They have 13 independent terrestrial cables and 5 independent submarine cables that connect Europe with Asia. If you’re running big data operations or you need ultra-fast data transmission, they will help you extend your global presence. Their Global SLA guarantees and excellent after sales

service will help your business remain connected throughout any disaster.

VPN Solutions

Businesses using public networks are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattack. Cybercriminals have an ever-growing range of tools and techniques to hack into your data, and with more and more employees working in virtual offices or telecommuting, it’s highly likely that someone will be targeting to steal your data or access your systems right now. China Telecom’s VPN services bring you security and reliability – just like a digital private line leased circuit, but for a fraction of the cost. We use our CN2 network to give you connectivity throughout your organisation.

Their Global Wavelength Services provide top quality large bandwidth data transmission products up to 100Gbps through our Optical Transmission Network (OTN), the first and only optical network connecting China and major countries around the world

With China Telecom Europe’s Colocation Services you get:

Global reach Fully diversified network connections that connect every continent in the world

High performance Up to 100Gbps high speed internet access, and low-latency private line service available. Our high-performance Tier IV facilities are designed with high density power and cooling infrastructures to support the latest generation of servers

Facility safety All facilities are protected by 24/7 environmental control monitoring and alerts, dry pipe fire suppression systems and global disaster recovery solutions. State-of-the-art security measures, including 24/7 CCTV monitoring and bio-authentication security systems, are in place at all China Telecom data centres

Industry certifications and best practices China Telecom remains committed to the highest level of technical excellence and dedicated service. In addition to our five-star global IDCs, we adhere to the industry’s best practices, and our data centre engineers hold internationally-recognised certifications such as Cisco Certified International Experts (CCIE) and Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP). China Telecom Europe holds ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) and ISO9000 (two-part quality management system) certification compliance 99.99% facility uptime Backed by comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs), 24/7/365 technical support and dedicated NOC-based engineering personne

Full redundancy N+1 redundancy for UPS, generators, power distribution, cooling security and network resilience systems Scalable packages Our flexible, highly customisable data centre architectures allow us to deliver the exact service solution you need to meet your specific business requirements Green energy consumption As part of our commitment to environmental protection, China Telecom has established comprehensive energy efficiency and other green operational policies at all our data centre facilities IDC Services in China China Telecom has over 600 Internet Data Centres across mainland China, from Beijing to Shenzhen and from Shanghai to Guangzhou.

Autorenbild: Ronald Bals