The Nitel Network

A secure, reliable network is key to the success of your business. Our best-in-class customer service and robust portfolio of network solutions are designed to meet all your network challenges.

Through our highly-interconnected software-defined network platform, Nitel delivers reliable, high-performance technology services anywhere you do business.


The Nitel-Connect SD-WAN Platform enables customers to bring together all network functions – from routing and optimization to security and connection to cloud partners – under a single platform. As a private nationwide backbone, the platform:

  • Eliminates middle-mile inconsistencies of sending traffic over the public internet
  • Enables direct connection to leading UCaaS and cloud providers via Nitel peering and fabric interconnections
  • Allows for virtualization of firewalls and other network functions

For your Business

Benefit from reliable, secure connectivity from Nitel for your critical business communications. Our highly-interconnected software-defined platform lays the groundwork for complete technology solutions for your business, including:

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